Long-Term Boarding

Our long-term boarders will receive full-care services for their horse and will book stalls on a monthly basis. The following services are included in our full-care horseboarding services:

Short-Term Boarding

Our short-term boarders will book stalls by the day and will provide their own self care for horse. This is ideal for riders coming into town for a show or horse owners who need  temporary accommodation.

Horse Owners & Boarders

Horse owners/boarders are responsible for:

  • grooming
  • tacking & untacking
  • tack maintanence

Horse owners/boarders will have 1 dedicated barn stall, room in tack room for 1 stall and 1 trunk.

Owner/boarders have the right to use the arenas and jumps on the property. The sand arena can be used for daily practices and the grass arena can  be reserved for special events.

  1. Signed boarding agreement
  2. Updated COGGINS Certificate
  3. Payment:
    Long Term Boarders- First & Last months’ boarding fee
    Short-Term Boarders- Full payment upfront

Short-Term  Boarders: pay a daily rate for every night and will need to check-out before noon of their last day.

Long-Term Boarders:
pay a monthly rate and will need to give a 30-day notice before moving out. On the move out date boarders will need to move their horse out of their stall before noon.

an ideal space for your horse

Inka Equestrian lives on a 10-acre property with plenty of space for your horse. We have a newly built barn with 8 stalls, each of which has its own individual access to an outdoor runner area, automatic water dispenser and fans.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We feed T&A (timothy/ alfalfa) hay and Tribute horse feed.

If your horse has a specific feeding regiment ( i.e. vitamins or special feed) we will do our best to accommodate their feeding needs. Please keep in mind that any speciality food will not be covered by the cost of your boarding package and should be clearly labeled in the feed room.

Yes! there is several riding arenas available for boarders to ride. There are also jumps set up in one arena for our jumper equestrians.

Yes! If you have a lesson you can use the arena on the property to take your lesson. We do ask that you do give the owner’s a heads up or write it on the barn calendar to book the space.

The stalls are 12×14 feet with access to a 12×37 foot outdoor runner so your horse has ample space to move around. 

Each outdoor runner has shade that extends halfway in length.

Between the stall and the adjoining runner the total living space adds up to about 612 square feet.